This rootdown™ system uses a conceptual plan to introduce your idea in a structured form. A bonafide document will be completed for internal direction and funding and/or external distribution. During this process we rely on our curated network of creative professionals, utilize real archival cost estimations, cull our latest trend watching and carefully consider past case studies to help your concept take form. By comparing your food and beverage establishment wholly and then breaking down its individual components, we will arrive at a product that can meet a market demand. In turn, we work on a collaborative basis with you and our in-house leading professionals that are specialists in all facets of restaurant ideation and creation. From menu design aid with leading culinary stars, to developing a merchandizing strategy and carefully considered marketing plan; from on target financials to facility design and proof of concept studies, we will customize a model for your success. Our team has the right experience for a demanding market like NYC. We have been trained and tested by these standards our whole careers.



Your new or renovated opening should promise a well-timed and expertly planned success; we can do that. You and your new guests along with the media will be creating relationships. Thus, our guidance and hands on assistance geared towards building a positive perception of the restaurant will be of critical value. Our rootdown™ philosophy will be distilled and put to service. We will activate our best candidates for the right creative solutions from our deep network of industry professionals. QRC only advocates and brings superior food and beverage programs. We advance towards profitability with cutting edge mixology, expertly crafted wine and beverage lists and innovative cooking styles for whichever cuisine is to be offered. We allow focus group feedback and survey the operation’s viability in the open market through QRC’s residency program @ test kitchen and PopUp series.

We do all of this with to create a demand for your product that will be met by a targeted and receptive audience. The careful and quality navigation of publicity and media contacts will foster the best image of your business. In essence, the conception will be transformed into perception.

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The most overlooked and least employed tools are the very systems that provide clarity, support and success in the future. Our services offer Project Management inclusive of comprehensive controls for your pre-opened operation.

We get it right with accurate pro-forma financials to establish funding or operational autonomy; you get precise management resources to achieve your goals. Our clients benefit from the variety of GAAP guided systems we implement, ranging from preferred accounting methodology selection, AP/AR set-up & maintenance, Vendor Bids and financial reporting goals. We establish proper cash handling procedures, operational controls for inventory maintenance, and a variety of other customizable solutions to safeguard your profitability.

We design kitchen manuals with full costing solutions, employee handbooks, maintenance lists, POS integration, operational work streams and critical path suggestions. All of these systems become available to use by your team. Also, we have deep experience navigating security, fire, construction and all the challenges for buildout. We can provide creative layout and design documents for Kitchen, Bar, Service, and Storage areas.

We handle the full extent of fitting out the brick & mortar operation from real estate negotiation to selecting and working with contractors, architects, code enforcers, liquor license attorneys and fabricators/designers of furniture/fixtures and tabletop.

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The rootdown™ philosophy of respect, service and dedication are ideals tantamount to your organization. By consulting ownership and training management & their staff, we can impart the true meaning of our industry.

Your decision can be for us to hand off to ownership upon opening, stay connected via maintenance contract or be an integral part of the Day-to-Day Management of your business. We offer extensive Management Contracts or a la carte services as your company grows.

The spirit of food & beverage hospitality is to engage people with warmth, kindness, knowledge and courtesy. We will bring these ideals to every part of the operation.

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